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Communication & collaboration effortless.

One easy-to-use tool for business.

Connecting team members worldwide from top to bottom with a unique, private, and easy-to-use communication platform.


How It Works

Sirius App delivers what companies need to impact and communicate with teams in only one easy-to-use platform, centralizing communication via chat messages, file sharing, audio and video calls for smartphones in a private and transparent manner.



Eliminates silos, complex hard-to-use tools, and long learning curves

Data management

Data visualization simplified to get valuable actionable insights

Cloud storage

Cloud storage and infraestructure for data auditing and compliance

Information privacy

Efficiently combines work-from-home and alternate days at the office 

Mobile App

Web Admin Portal

Why Choose Sirius App


Connecting people regardless of age, background and location.

Dashboard for user management, easy access to info and data ownership.

Private platform for business continuity and teams engagement.

Why Use Sirius App Now

Remote work requires a combination of information privacy and business continuity to successfully engage every team member, allowing inclusion and diversity fostering collaborative communication.

Global companies collaborates from virtual offices

Team communication across multiple geographies

Reduces email volume, data exposure and travel costs

Increases equality, diversity and productivity


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